Augusta Handmade Fair

Our Spring Event is on May 4th from 12-4pm.


SPONSOR BOOTH: Make + Take Craft

Meet Our Sponsor

AR Workshop® is a boutique DIY studio that offers hands-on classes for creating custom, charming home decor from raw materials. Join an instructor-led workshop where you can make custom wood plank signs, framed signs, canvas pillows, round signs, lazy susans, centerpiece boxes, canvas tote bags, and more! AR Workshop® will help you take your home decor to the next level and have fun while creating it!

AR Workshop Evans is owned and operated by the mother-daughter duo of Anita Barr and Brandi Collins. Brandi lives locally with her husband, William, and manages the daily operations of the shop. If you pop in during retail hours, you’ll likely see her working on sample projects, sprucing up retail, and prepping for the week’s workshops. Anita and Brandi hope for their workshop to be a place where residents of Evans, Grovetown, Augusta, Martinez, Thomson, and more come to get away from day-to-day stresses and enjoy some DIY (and retail) therapy! The workshop is a place where all are welcome and creativity is encouraged. Put your aprons on and let’s get to work creating beautiful DIY decor!o enjoy everything about making products and letting other people try them out! Every product is measured out, mixed, and batched by hand. All product labeling, printing, packaging, and shipping is done in one of our guest bedrooms, which my wife and I have turned into a business workspace.