Donate to Sojourn in Uganda

Admission to Augusta Handmade Fair is free, but vendors pay a fee to reserve space. All net proceeds of the Augusta Handmade Fair vendor fees are donated to Sojourn: Uganda church in the Wabigalo area of Kampala, Uganda.

Additional financial gifts to Sojourn are also welcome.

Here is an excerpt of a letter from a pastor at the church, sharing what their church is able to do with the some of the money donated to the people in Wabigalo:

God has led you to support FDM especially financially and in prayer with much love. We have managed to use the financially support to enable these kids who were in the final year of elementary school to finish up, which is like grade 6 so that they can join the junior high school which is O level here. They were four kids. We were able to pay for those who were finalizing with O level. They finished and passed well and all of them were given scholarship at school. They were four girls. We have 2 guys now who are at college, one girl and one boy. They are finishing up this year. We thank you guys that your support has enabled us to support those who are in need. In Uganda it is hard to get quality education apart from you pay for it. Your support has enabled these guys to get at least quality education. We thank God for this.

With FDM we also pay for the rent for same families which have nowhere to sleep, for now we are paying for three families. One family is for a widow (Pauline) and an orphan (Mbabazi), another is for the single mum who is keeping one girl called Atim, whose mother is homeless and drunkard, and the last is for two girls whose parents their house was demolished and they had no place to stay. They were staying on the street so that they can continue with school since FDM was paying for them school fees instead of going back to village where they no opportunity to be at school. We are really happy for the support and has changed and given some people hope.

Sojourn Wabigalo is located in the slum, where most people earns and survives on $2 per day. Even those who come to church. Yet the rent is high. With your support we have managed to pay the rent for Wabigalo gathering place. The building serves many purposes to the community and to the church members. It is place for prayer, reading the bible, discipleship training, and worshipping to the people of the church. Having it, it is a blessing and because of your support, we have been able to keep it.

If you are supporting Sojourn Church Wabigalo, just know that your support is helping the growth of the community of believers, and the unprivileged people who need it.

BW’s Rogers

Read the full letter here.