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Vendor Reviews

This is my favorite local market every year! It is well organized and everyone (volunteers and visitors!) are so supportive and kind! I love seeing my hometown in this light. - 
R. Anchor - Sift + Stack

This market is so well run and full of the most supportive shoppers! I always enjoy this event. Great staff that are very helpful and can always be easily located. Typically have a steady flow of shoppers, including repeat customers! Event feels warm and welcoming, drawing a variety of shoppers.
J. Elmore - Southern Fried Stitching

We love that everything really is handmade and that vendors are local. It's also well managed and attended. It's a great event both as a vendor and as an attendee.
T. Fitzgerald - Handcrafted Cutting Boards

The Handmade Fair is well organized and well publicized. There is always a great turn out and it's well worth coming to sell and shop. It is a great time for both vendors and shoppers. The food and products are good and the vibe is even better.
M. Fuchs - The Hungry Fox

This was a fun show to do last year. So many people came out to support the vendors! In addition, there were great volunteers that made set up and tear down so easy.
K. Allen - Hold It

I love this event. I love the crowd of people from all over. I love the staff and how helpful they are to the vendors. People come from all over to see what is being sold at this event! I get to meet so many new people and see old acquaintances. I get excited to see what I can buy from vendors myself! This event has everything!  I would love to keep returning every year.
S. Robinson - Sunkay's Desserts & More

Great event. Shoppers come ready to buy. Well organized.
C. Sigrest - Cassafras & Co.

It's just so fun! I really love connecting with other local makers and being inspired by them to keep going.
M. Smith - Peg Joy

The Augusta Handmade Fair is the only market that I feel like it is truly a community event. Our community coming to enjoy and support local small businesses.
J. Berrios - From Us to You

I have thoroughly enjoyed every time I have worked the AHF over the last several years! The energy is high, the volunteer staff is helpful, and the flow of patron traffic is always great!

S. Gibson - Summer Nikole Jewelry

Last year was our first time participating and we had a blast! Everything ran so smoothly and it's always great meeting and talking to new customers and other makers.
S. Pichey - Sebastian Harper / Kiroka Essentials

I have participated in this event several times and it is one of the best, it is well attended and the shoppers are eager to buy, the helpers are always there to help unload and load. The event is well organized and run.  It is an encouragement to artists and so refreshing to see so much talent and creativity.
H. Brinkman - JewelryByHelenB

AHF is one of the best-run shows in the area. The coordinators are friendly and quick to answer questions; and there are plenty of volunteer helpers for setup, tear-down, and all times in between. The volunteers drop by regularly and ask if you need help. The advertising allows each vendor to be in the spot light. And the variety of available items is amazing!
K. Lovingood - Kay's Off Her Gourd

I love the people that attend. This event attracts people who really appreciate and value locally handmade items.
M. Trevathan - Trevathan Goat
The Augusta Handmade Fair is an amazing opportunity for local artists and craftspeople. I've had the pleasure of experiencing both sides, as a selling artist and as a paying consumer. It's the perfect place to start your holiday shopping.
H. Dunaway - Heather René Dunaway Art
I participated in the Spring 2022 market and had a wonderful experience. It was my first time ever participating in a community handmade fair. Everyone was so kind, welcoming, and helpful. It was well advertised and I look forward to being able to participate again!
J. Monroe - Sunshine Selvage
I loved the creativity represented by artisans in the CSRA. I had never experienced an event when the items involved were truly handmade, and it was fascinating!
R. Biestman - BIEST Artisan Makes
I have been a participant for a few years and the organization, friendly & ready helpers make this an event I continue to drive 2.5 hrs to be a part of.- Thank you for your hard work to make this a great event.
L. Michel - Liberty St.
So happy and excited to be included in this wonderful community of makers and artists! It truly gets better every year and I always look forward to seeing the friends I made at previous events and always love making new friends and meeting new customers!
C. DeSanctis - Fast Doll
I love how much the community supports the makers at these events!
T. Gass Oster - Well-Taylored Co. (Tee Gee Goodes)
I attended for the first time as a vendor this past fall and absolutely loved it! It was my first time ever at this event and it was amazing getting to be face-to-face with customers and I made some great connections with other vendors as well. I love supporting local and it is such a unique and fun event! I hope to be part of it again!
A. Gearhart- Royally Iced Cookies

I love the HMF mostly because of the friends and connections I have made! The atmosphere is fun and exciting, and there is an air of camaraderie. I also love browsing all the amazing booths. I always find something unique for myself or a great gift for someone else! It is also run very efficiently and well-organized. The volunteers are always very helpful as well!
H. Love - Clever Girl Bakery

This is my absolute favorite vendor experience to date. I really enjoy downtown and am from Augusta, so I love being in that atmosphere. .I also love the kindness of the event staff. I like what Redemption Church is doing in the community and I made great money at the market.
K. Herring - Muddy Springs Pottery

I had the privilege to participate in my first Handmade Fair last fall and had a blast. It was my favorite event for the year and I made quite a few business and personal connections. The support of our local community was amazing and gave me the push I needed to power through the holiday season! Everyone on staff with AHF is so friendly and helpful, and it's an honor to take part.
A. Eason - Edenberry House Lettering

Since we moved here we have participated in several handmade fair events and have enjoyed all of them. They are well run and advertised, well attended, and attract a wonderful group of customers!
T. Rajch - Trinnyella

I had a great time and loved the atmosphere. All the volunteers were great.
S. Ward - Ga Clay Company

Always a great turnout. I absolutely love being a part of this event! It's very well managed and love that I can come to my hometown and have a great time.
L. Abshire - Nature's Drops by LeeLee

I like the eclectic mix of artists and craftspeople, and how well attended the event is!
R. Shea Beck - Pelted Head Studio Jewelry

I was fortunate enough to participate in last year's holiday market. I made a ton of wonderful connections and had a great time. I'd love to come back.
C. Marshall - Hippy Do Da

My first event with AHF was this past Spring, and it was such a hit. I loved getting to be a part of this event and meet so many Augusta natives. Being from Augusta originally, we love coming down to be a part of this market and getting to see loved ones as well during our visit. This market has such a good turn out and everything is set up so well. Cannot wait to be a part of it again!
J. Stevens - Sewn & Lovely

Love the vibe, such an awesome community, and love meeting other artists.
C. Miller - Foxphire's Acrylic Cosmos

This is my 7th year participating in AHF. It's a breath of fresh air to be involved in an event where every vendor makes the products they are selling themselves. A lot of events the vendors are reselling or using contracted manufacturers to make their products. It truly is a great event to be involved in!
J. Stefanakos - Agape Chocolates

I love the sense of community this opportunity brings to downtown Augusta. I also appreciate the ease of the application process and the affordability of being a vendor.
M. Arrington - Martha Arrington Art

It was a great turnout and overall a fun and seamless event. The staff was great and easy to work with.
K. French - Karly Rae Ceramics

The sense of community and appreciation for local artists is what I enjoyed when I lived in Augusta and is also the reason why I'm willing to drive 8 hours back to vend at this event again.
L. Bell - The Steampunk Prospector

I love how local makers can come together to share their ideas and creativity with others. There is so much pride and love in watching how passionate people become in sharing their creativity through a finished product that they created with their own imagination, time, and talent.
K. Linn - Ken + Hammond

Shopper Reviews

I love handmade items & love supporting people who make them!
K. Cammisa

The variety of well-made goods is phenomenal!
K. Lovingood

I love that only handmade items are allowed, I think it’s a great space for artists and crafters to shine
A. Sanchez
I love being able to easily support small businesses all together in one place and being able to purchase in person..
V. Parsons

I love the creativity and imagination that all the vendors bring to the market. It makes me smile to see how passionate people become while sharing their ideas with others through a finished product that they spent hours creating with their own hands.
K. Linn

I love that it raises money for Sojourn Uganda and that it gives people a chance to sell their handmade things.
R. Childers
I love the authenticity of all the original crafts. It really helps you connect with the people and pieces on a deeper level.
B. Hammond