Original Artwork created on canvases of found & recycled items, stickers, comics, and more.

Meet the Maker:

WHO ARE YOU, WHERE ARE YOU FROM, & WHAT DO YOU DO? I’m a cartoonist from Augusta and I work on various mediums.

DESCRIBE YOUR PROCESS. I try to blend the line between optimism and cynicism with a simple line work that means a lot.

WHAT INSPIRES YOU? People in the city around me.

FUN FACT ABOUT YOU. I don’t do digital artwork. All my artwork is created with pen and ink.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT DOWNTOWN AUGUSTA. The food. So many good restaurants and friendly people.

WHY DO YOU LOVE TO DESIGN, CREATE + MAKE? Makes me feel good to make people laugh or to make stuff that makes people think.

WHAT IS ONE PIECE OF ADVICE YOU WOULD SHARE WITH OTHER ARTISTS + MAKERS? Carry a SketchBook and draw or paint every single day.

I love to meet new people so if you come up to my booth please say hello!